École des Écoles (EdE) is a European network focusing on teachers and students in performing arts. The network was established in 2006 based on the network “Primo del Teatro” in Italy, which is partly a Summer school for acting and directing students across Europe located in the small village of San Miniato, partly a network of European teachers, who are associated with the Summer school.

EdE consists of partner schools from Spain, Catalonia, Germany, Denmark, UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Norway. Currently, Res Bosshart, principal at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste/ZHDK (Zurich University of the Arts), is President of EdE.

In recent years, the network has sought to strengthen the possibilities of exchange between teachers at European theatre schools. EdE works on developing cooperation between the partner schools through seminars, workshops and meetings.

The General Assembly of EdE meets once a year for an annual planning meeting, and in addition 2-3 thematic seminars or workshops are arranged by the partner schools on a yearly basis.

In 2009, a new structure of EdE was implemented. Four activities should be the main focus for the coming years:

 – Teachers from the partner schools visit each other for extended periods in order to observe best practices in teaching, project work, or organising of

 – The concept “Scanner” was implemented in order to analyse certain pedagogical challenges, which the different schools work with. Inputs from other EdE
    schools or through seminars and workshops should help to create sustainable solutions. 

 – Master classes should be introduced mainly for teachers and consist of workshops, conferences or teaching.

 – Seminar, conferences and workshops with current themes and with participation of prominent European performing artists should be arranged.

Écoles de Écoles has twice participated in the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme, under the subprogramme Grundtvig.




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