The AB-meeting in Copenhagen took place parallel to the EdE General Assembly:

Sverre Rødahl (SR) informed the assembly that Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo/Oslo National Academy of the Arts was now an official EdE member.

The activity report 2011 was presented along with the financial report of 2011.

A new structure was suggested, where the year should be divided into three periods of four months each, where a new school should be responsible for planning meetings and seminars and new topics to be discussed. It was decided that the discussion of a new structure along with further debate on the provisional budget should be continued on an administrative meeting in the next gathering in Madrid in May 2012.

  • New activities: Based on a presentation by Res Boshart from Zürich University of the Arts on implementing research in performing arts, it was suggested that a future seminar should focus on the combination of artistic and scientific research. Further, Brussels had already agreed to host an autumn seminar on playwright and dramaturgy. Further, it was suggested to plan a seminar on improvisation in Copenhagen. Guildhall also offered to host a seminar when their new building opens in September 2013.
  • Election of EdE President: SR proposed that Christian Burgess (CB) could take over the post as EdE President, which CB accepted with reservations due to other responsibilities at Guildhall. It was decided that the official election would take place at the next meeting in Madrid.
  • EdE Advisory Board: The future function of the AB was discussed, including financing of EdE participants. Further discussions on finances were postponed to the meeting in Madrid.
  • EdE website: The discussions and decisions from the meeting in Milan were summed up, and a budget of EUR 4.000 was agreed on for the new website.

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