MADRID, 24TH – 26TH MAY 2012

The EdE-meeting in Madrid hosted by Real Escuela Superior (RESAD), revolved around the General Assembly meeting regarding the election of a new EdE-president, and an administrative meeting concerning the Grundtvig project.

Sverre Rødahl was re-elected president of EdE. The meeting further involved discussion of the future profile of EdE. It was suggested that the main focus of the future seminars and workshops should be on the teachers from the different schools. However, since many of the EdE partner schools operate with non-permanent teachers, some also found that seminars should continue to invite the leaders of the different schools. The General Assembly participants also discussed exchange of students and teachers and on which level the EU funding programmes could be used more effectively. Further, a new EdE-structure which would include an annual General Assembly meeting, and 2-3 thematic workshops per year arranged by the partner schools, was adopted.

The Grundtvig administrative meeting dealt with the final steps to be taken within the on-going project and the possibilities in applying for a new Grundtvig project.

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