Arts Professional Training is a two year Grundtvig project, which was initiated in 2010 by EdE members from RESAD (Asociación José Estruch), the Danish National School of Performing Arts, Accademia dei Filodrammatici, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Theatre National de Strasbourg/ École Superieure d’Art Dramatique. The project was levelled at teachers and heads of educational departments.

The overriding purpose of the project was to find new ways of employment and career guidance in the creative industries for performing art students and unemployed professionals, and to improve the quality of pedagogical methods through joint work developed within the partnership. The activities were intended to find a joint vision of the ways in which the member institutions may help to improve teaching methods and to enhance the employability of students in a changing society.

During the project various activities arranged by the different project partners took place.  Each of the five partner institution organised a specific ‘Grundtvig seminar’ with focus on a chosen (national) problem area, in the field of community theatre, outreach projects, research, working with less privileged target groups, etc. Each seminar was presented and organised in new inspirational ways, and often included guest speakers and/or artists, who were working ‘in the field’ of the chosen subject. The two year project period thus included six new thematic seminars, which all proved to be of enormous interest.

The project ended in 2012, and although it was concluded that two years might be too short a period of time to create and experience actual change, the project partners found that exchange of best practices in order to promote, facilitate and improve the quality of employment and career guidance for performing arts students and graduates had taken place; there had been creation of a real dialogue between the partnership; opening up to new and different perspectives towards specific aspects of pedagogy, artistic professions, organisation, and targets (new theatre applications in social and therapy fields – the ‘Grundtvig thematic seminars’); and development of an urge in the young performing arts students/graduates to become more of a “citizen artist”, where the individual’s artistic practice comes together with a concern about the state of the world and its people.

The Grundtvig Learning Partnership ran from 2010-2012

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