“To improvise is to act without planning; is to be overwhelmed by the other and act upon it. The result can go from zero to hero, when you remove the filters and open up the creative source.”

This was the teaser for the École des Écoles meeting Between Themes taking place at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in April 2013.

The obejctive of the meeting was to discuss the overall concept of improvising  and not least let the participants use their bodies, their voices and their ability to see and hear as tools of getting a deeper understanding of the methods of improvising.

The seminar opened with an introduction to improvisation as it is used in music, in this case by a jazz-musician and teacher from the Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory Jens Skov Olsen.

Further, a lecture was given on the history of improvising by a dramaturg and theatre historian Mette Borg.

Last but not least the seminar included two workshops on body and visual space, which resulted in a presentation and evaluation of each workshop by the participants.

Below you can see how the visual space workshop turned out.

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