The General Assembly, which took place at Guildhall School of Music & Drama following the Grundtvig meeting on 24 October 2013, concerned the past year activities of EdE, new members of the network, future EdE activities, and the budget for 2014.

Past year activities: 

It was agreed, that the main purpose of the network is to bring teachers in performing arts together to share thoughts, ideas and experiences through EdE seminars and exchange between the member schools. Although, there had been some positive experiences by engaging students in the seminars, EdE activities should primarily be targeted towards the teachers. The number of activities should stay the same throughout the year, but it is important to keep in mind that seminars must focus on learning for the teachers.

New EdE members:

The General Assembly was happy to welcome Hochschule für Musik and Theater Hamburg as a new member of EdE. It was decided that the network would accept up to 20 members (at the moment there are 14), and that contact should be established to more schools in Central and East Europe.

New EdE activities:

Because not all members had been involved in or funded by the new Grundtvig learning partnership “Developing Key Competences through Theatre Practice”, a dicussion took place on how many EdE seminars should be carried out for the next two years (the Grundtvig partnership requires four activities to take place a year). It was discussed that not all members should feel obligated to participate in the seminars. Further, it was agreed that at least six seminars would take place over the next two years.

Budget 2014:

It was decided that the 2013 budget surplus would be transferred to the 2014 budget. This surplus will be used for travel grants of which member schools can apply for one travel grant for each of the three EdE events in 2014. Members, who have already received a Grundtvig grant, will not be able to apply for EdE travel grants.

The meeting was rounded off with an introduction to the new EU-programme Erasmus+, which will be initiated in 2014. More information on the new programme will be available on the website.

Read the  full minutes of the General Assembly.


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