The following topics were discussed at the AB-meeting:

  • Observer visits: Discussion of whether a new version of the ‘observer visit chain’ should be developed. It was suggested that there could be two kinds of observer visits:
  1. A passive one, which solely includes observing classes etc.
  2. An active one, where the observer either participates in the teaching or give a lecture or teach a class. In the end it was decided to hold on to the on-going version of the observer visits, but to make them more inclusive
  • Website: It was agreed that it was crucial to create an EdE website, where schedules, information etc. could be posted.
  • Exchange: Start-up of a two-person exchange between the schools within specific subjects. Also inclusion of students into future EdE-exchange.
  • Finally the possibillities of creating an EdE summer school (1-2 weeks) was discussed. The partner schools can take in turn to host.
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