Election of EdE President: Christian Burgess had chosen to step down as a candidate due to responsibilities at Guildhall. Sverre Rødahl (SR) had volunteered to once again take the role as President. SR was re-elected EdE President nem con.

Student involvement: SR gave a presentation on his vision for the future profile of EdE, which he found should mainly focus on teachers, making students, administrators, and international coordinators second priority. It was suggested that involvement of students should mainly take place at the hosting schools, since it would be too expensive sending students back and forth.

Teacher exchange: Since not all partner-schools have permanently employed teachers, teacher exchange should take place on a voluntary basis. Further, it should be clearer how teaching is done in the different schools, in order to make exchange fruitful for all parties. It was clarified that the Erasmus funding programme is less bureaucratic than for instance the Grundtvig programme, since exchange can take place on a bilateral basis, and not with the necessary involvement of several schools, which makes it easier to apply for funding.

EdE structure: SR summed up his suggestion for a new structure from the meeting in March 2012:

The AB should assist the responsible schools in preparing seminars and meetings, and should also function as the link to the teaching and pedagogical staff at the schools.

The new structure was adopted.

EdE-activities 2012/2013/2014:

Economy and finance: A budget surplus from 2011 combined with the current financial year resulted in an “activity pool” of EUR 8.900 for 2012. It was decided that the secretariat would manage applications for activities. Also, it was discussed whether the annual EdE membership fee could be raised from EUR 2.000 to EUR 2.500 by 2013. The final discussion was postponed to the planning meeting in Zürich in October.

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