Grundtvig Partnership project workshop at Real Escuela Superior de Arte Drámatico (RESAD).

20 participants from eight different schools within the Écoles des Écoles network, including the four Grundtvig partner schools, met in Madrid in March 2014 for the workshop ‘Thinking on Action: Practice as Research’.

The aim of the event was to engage teachers in the attempt to conduct research through theatre practice by using methods founded in vocal and body exercises as well as improvisation. The workshop was led by teachers from RESAD, all representing different professional disciplines such as movement, stage directing, playwright and set design.

The workshop was based on the text of León Felipe ‘And what is Justice?’ which had been sent to all participants in advance. RESAD-teacher Julio Escalada made a dramaturgic work by dividing the text into four thematic parts, inviting the participants to use these parts in their joint or individual research.

The text was further included in the physical work in the activity led by RESAD-teacher Paula Miguélez, where focus was on the emotional and vocal expression of the text and the relationship between discourse and physical movement.

The activity led by David Ojeda, also from RESAD, aimed to combine the research done within the frameworks of respectively dramaturgy and the physical and vocal exercises, and further asked participants to propose different frameworks for researching the text.

The workshop was concluded with a session where participants could work either together or individually on their research/expression of the text.

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