The General Assembly 2014 took place in continuation of the Écoles des Écoles seminar ‘When the Costume Becomes the Mask’s Body’, 7 June 2014 in Strasbourg at Théâtre National de Strasbourg – École supérieure d’art dramatique.

Activities 2013

In the evaluation of the activities, which took place in 2013 in respectively Copenhagen, London and Milan, the exchange of best practices between teachers from different schools and from different performing art professions was emphasized as an integral part of the EdE-activities. Seminars and workshops should further be the motivating force in future teacher exchanges between the EdE member schools.

Activities 2014/2015 and the Grundtvig Learning Partnership ‘Developing Key Competencies through Theatre Practice

Changes in the original programme of the Grundtvig project had occurred because some partners did not receive funding from their National Agencies. This resulted in a change of the planning of activities for 2014/2015, moving the Lisbon seminar to October 2015 instead of March 2015. As of now, the Grundtvig project is running without major difficulties and an interim progress report of the project is due in October 2014.

Economy 2013/2014

The surplus from the 2013 budget has been used to financially support travel and accommodation regarding EdE-seminars for schools not included in the Grundtvig Learning Partnership.
Agreement to increase the budget heading for activities in 2014 encouraging schools to apply for financial support when hosting EdE-workshops and seminars.

Election of President

This General Assembly also included the very important task of electing a new President for the network, since the two-year period of former President Sverre Rødahl was at an end.
Res Bosshart, head of the Theatre Programme at Zurich University of the Arts was elected new President of Écoles des Écoles. The EdE-secretariat will remain at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.

Read the full minutes of the General Assembly here.

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