École des Écoles

Photo © Mathilda Olmi La Manufacture

Écoles Des Écoles is a trans-disciplinary network of European higher education performing arts schools. The schools support each other in the development of curricula sharing their experiences in modern teaching and learning methods. In joint research and reflection on the theatre of the future, teachers, students and graduates experience each other at eye level as explorers:”


Statement from École des Écoles in relation to University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest.

It is with great concern that École des Écoles, a multidisciplinary network of European higher education performing arts schools note the events taking place at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest.

Since 1 September 2020 a regulation has come into force, according to which the renowned college will in future be managed by a foundation with a board of governors appointed by the government. In the opinion of the protesting students and staff, this foundation is so close to the government that they see the independence of teaching, science and art as being endangered. Against the background of a constantly growing influence of political interests on broad areas of public life, we call on the political actors to respect the freedom and independence of university education. Democracy, autonomy and academic freedom are the cornerstones of every modern university and École des Écoles is proud to stand in solidarity with the students and teachers of the University of Theatre and Film Arts as they seek to maintain these fundamental principle.